Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PT Packet Tracer- Characteristics of IGP & EGP Routing Protocol

In this Packet Tracer my objective is to...
-Investigate Autonomous System 1
-Investigate ISP Router (Internet Service Provider)
-Verify Connectivity among devices within AS1
-Verify Connectivity from PC1 to ISP Router
-Create default routes between AS1 routers and the ISP Router
-Create Static Routes on the ISP router to reach the network within AS1
-Verify connectivity from AS1 devices to ISP routers

First step to solving this packet tracer is to investigate AS1 which means autonomous system 1. An autonomous system is a group of routers under the control of an Administrator. The second step, is to investigate the ISP router which is the Internet Service Provider. Then finally Verify the connectivity to see if the newtwork works.

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